Mission Workshop’s Fitzroy rucksack as used by Bicycle Coffee Co. throughout a day’s work..



We love good coffee and we really like to ride bicycles, so we decided to combine the two. It’s pretty simple, we roast quality coffee in our custom built roaster and deliver it by bicycle. We only roast organic, fair-trade, Arabica beans grown by farm cooperatives.


Bicycle Coffee was started in 2009 by three brothers, a cousin, and a family friend. The idea of delivering coffee by bicycle came about while trekking through the rain forests of Central America. Our original plan was to move to a tropical country and live in tree-houses, but plans changed when we started hanging out with coffee farmers and drinking their delicious coffee. We began to understand and appreciate all the hard work that goes into a good cup of coffee. We learned first-hand how quality coffee is grown, picked, and roasted.


We returned to the San Francisco Bay Area, built a small-batch roaster, and began roasting beans. When we were confident in our roasts, we hopped on our bicycles and starting delivering bags of coffee to local offices, grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, and hotels. As we grow, we will continue to support sustainable farm cooperatives and our coffee will always be delivered by bicycle.


Bicycle Coffee Co.